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At Salvo Bakehouse we believe it’s good to indulge every so often and celebrate life.


In Italy it is quite common to go to your local ‘pasticceria’, also known as a ‘bar’ and grab a few pastries, a nice bottle of wine and go out and enjoy them together. 


This is why we offer a selection of wines & amari from the best regions all across Italy. We have white, orange, rosé, red and dessert wines suitable for every occasion. 

We try to uncover, often lesser known, high quality artisanal wines and give them the attention they deserve. They are produced in small batches  by family run vineyards. The grapes they used for their wines are treated with the utmost care and this results in some unique flavors.


We believe in low-intervention wines. This means we currently offer wines that can range from natural to organic to biodynamic wines.


We are in actual contact with the producers of wine that we have in our bakehouse.
At our bakehouse you can get unique bottles you can’t get anywhere else!


All our bottles have one thing in common. They are a joy to drink.

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