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What is it that we do at Salvo Bakehouse?

At Salvo Bakehouse our focus lies on finding beautiful produce from local & Italian farmers. Offering a seasonal menu with traditional recipes, forgotten desserts and unexpected flavors from Italy.

We source our products from local farmers and from Italian farmers as well. Our main goal is always to get the best quality products. We don’t settle for less. We make it our priority to use the highest quality of products in our pastries. Quality matters.

In order to get the unexpected flavors for our ‘forgotten pastries’, we have to source some of our products from Italy. These are artisanal products made by family-owned businesses and use traditional methods of producing. 

This means in some cases it makes more sense to get the ingredients locally in order to maintain the quality, the freshness and get the best flavors. 

We only use the best ingredients to create unique bakes & pastries for you each day.

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