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Celebrate Xmas as we do in Italy. These cookies are a selection of traditional recipes from my nonna. We made them together every holiday season. And this year, I want to share this tradition with you! Hand-made cookies with holiday spices. Chocolate covered and all kinds of mixed nuts. And lots of honey, as they made it back in the day!


Torroncini Abruzzesi

Italian style cookie made with almond flour and meringue from Abruzzo. Rustic yet delicate. Made with just a few ingredients: almonds, eggwhite, sugar, lemon and cinnamon.



We believe this is the kind of cookie that the longer it sits the better it tastes. A super chewy cookie made with almonds and loads of honey. The holiday spice adds definately to the holiday spirit!


Croccante Beneventano

Like the Beneventena cake, this treat also has Strega in it. This herbal liqueur and the mixed nuts combination is heaven in a small square.


Brutti ma buoni

Ugly but delicious, that is the translation of this cookie. A meringue-like texture, but with some crunchy edges! You will also find mixed nuts.


Baci di dama

Ladies kisses! Two hazelnut chocolate cookies glued together with a ganache. Love in a cookie. Who will you share your love with this Christmas?



Not the prettiest cookie, but the taste is amazing. A holiday spice and sugar flavor combination. The soft texture makes you not want to share! We promise.



This Napolitan holiday spice cookie has white wine, mixed nuts and of course honey. With a touch of peach jam covered in chocolate. We may know this cookie as a taai taai.



The shortcrust outside reminds us of a pig in a blanket. But filled with a candied figs mixture. We better call them figs in a blanket!



Order your SALVO cookie box medium size now—the perfect holiday gift.

These cookies are artisanal, therefor the weight may vary slightly per box. We would suggest that you consume within 14 days. Store in an airtight container.












Italian Xmas cookie box medium 375 grams

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